Smart Venture is the formal concept of building small, meaningful and lucrative businesses

Many workers in their 50s are struggling to figure out how to make our work more fulfilling while still maintaining the financial and psychological security that we’ve established over many years of hard work.

As seasoned professionals, we possess a great deal of knowledge and experience but the question we should ask ourselves is - How do I use my experience and expertise in a more meaningful way in the second half of my life? The best answer for most is to pursue entrepreneurship and create something that fuels a passion. As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to create a business that provides with you meaning and money from such ventures as -   

Forever Venture Process

The Forever Worker 

Be-the-Boss is a self-directed process where - purpose, passion, performance and profit are developed through key questions that 50+ workers reflect and act on so their prepared to build successful online businesses. 


In order to support mid-life professionals that desire to build online businesses we are creating a virtual space called the Be-the-Boss Academy.  The academy will be a place for aspiring mid-life entrepreneurs over to connect, collaborate and develop the essential mindset and skills to start and scale an  online business. This innovative community will offer all members -  


Like minded, highly motivated senior founders that are pursuing the goal of building a thriving business 


Accountability partners and groups to help you stay focused and motivated on achieving your entrepreneurial goals 


Courses, webinars and more focused on topics that enable you to develop the mindset and skills to build a thriving business 

The Be the Boss Academy is currently in development and will be launched soon. In the meantime, we are accepting and reviewing applications for founding members.

If you're ready to become the boss of an online business  - we encourage you to submit your application by clicking the button below.

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