Human behavior research has shown that having a deep connection (purposepassion) to our work enhances our overall performance. We also tend to be happier if the outcome(s) of our work enhances not only our own lives but the lives of others.    

Smarter@Work applied that research to create the concept of Work Forever - a process in which mid-life professionals (50+ workers) opt to forgo retirement and thrive at work throughout their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. 

The process begins and is sustained by aligning and elevating our natural inclination for - purposepassion, performance and profit in our work and lives.

The Work Forever Framework (graphic below) depicts the four elements as four distinct yet connected activities. Each is defined below - 

1. define purpose - "serve and bring joy to others" a unifying understanding that provides the foundation for our work
2. pursue passion - determine your desire(s) and ensure that they serve the purpose 
3. connect performance - the actions you take to bring your passion to life (i.e., start a business, volunteer, etc.)
4. produce profit - the fulfillment of your values (happiness, freedom, finance, etc.)

Each of the four activities within the graphic contain statements or self-reflective questions that enable 50+ workers to build momentum in their personal Work Forever project.

The Work Forever Framework

The Work Forever Framework is a self-directed and continuous process that enables mid-life professionals to do the work that enables them to thrive in their 2nd half of life.  


In order to help mid-life professionals develop mastery of The Work Forever Framework and the necessary mindset and skills -  we are creating a virtual space called The Work Forever Academy.  

The academy will be a place for mid-life professionals to connect, collaborate and develop the essential mindset and skills to pursue purpose through solopreneurship. This innovative community will offer all members -  


Like minded, highly motivated mid-life professionals that are pursuing the goal of success at work 


Accountability partners and groups to help you stay focused and motivated on achieving your career goals


Courses, webinars and more focused on topics that enable you to develop the mindset and skills to thrive at work 

The Work Forever Academy is in development and will be launched soon. In the meantime, we are accepting and reviewing applications for founding members.

If you're ready to develop the mindset and skillset to do meaningful, money-making work in the 2nd half of life  - we encourage you to submit your application by clicking the button below.

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