Working and living better at 50+ requires more than just a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.  You also need to develop thinking and behavior that facilitates freedom and fulfillment in your 2nd half of life.  

The Midlife Mindset is a framework that enables 50+ professionals to develop the thinking and behavior necessary to thrive in the 2nd half of life.

The framework is comprised of four essential decisions that when carefully considered - facilitate freedom and fulfillment through meaningful work.  The four essential decisions that comprise The Midlife Mindset are - 

1. Fulfill purpose - this is the first decision  - serve and bring to joy to others - when you choose to fulfil this purpose you must then align the remaining decisions to it.

2. Pursue passion - this is deciding what you want to do within the context of fulfilling your purpose (e.g., your passion is travel writing and you seek to educate and entertain through writing about the trips your take) 

3. Raise performance - this is deciding the actions you'll take to bring your passion to life (e.g., start a travel blog where you post new articles weekly and generate income from sponsorships)

4. Produce profit - this is deciding and prioritizing the value that you want to derive from your work   (e.g., earn more money, create more freedom, helping a specific group of people, etc.)

The Midlife Mindset Framework

In order to help mid-life professionals adopt the principles of the The Midlife Mindset and apply them to create the future they desire - whether that is living longer, building a business or both - we're creating a virtual community called The Midlife Academy

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