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Smarter@Work is a research group, marketplace, and global community whose aim is to enhance human performance at work. Our work enables employees and entrepreneurs to consistently perform at their optimum level. We research, develop and curate resources that enhance their health, well-being and productivity - so that they consistently excel and reach their most desired career goals.

Mantel Featherson

I'm a performance psychologist and founder of Smarter@Work. I created Smarter@Work to be a resource for location independent employees and entrepreneurs to discover the tools and strategies that enable them to excel.     

Before founding Smarter@Work, I served five years in US Air Force as a logistics specialist. Upon completing my stint in the USAF, I joined the corporate world and held leadership positions with organizations that include SAP, KPMG and Merck Pharmaceuticals. I also founded and lead a boutique consulting firm for several years.

As a compliment to my professional experience, I've earned several academic credentials including a Doctorate in HR Development and Human Behavior from Drexel University.  

The aim of Smarter@Work is for employees and entrepreneurs to excel at work and create the success that they desire and deserve.  If you're an ambitious employee or entrepreneur, we encourage you to subscribe to the Smart Worker Report - our bi-weekly newsletter that provides tips, tricks and resources that enable you to excel and thrive in ever-evolving global economies. 

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