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is a career development platform that enables senior professionals (workers age 50+) to create fulfilling in encore careers. 

Senior professionals are a unique segment of the global workforce. Many of us are at the stage in our careers where we’re reconsidering what we want to do and how we want to do it in the second phase of our lives.

Smarter@Work was created by senior professionals for senior professionals to provide advice, community and products that enable you to conceive and create a fulfilling encore career. 

Mantel Featherson

I'm a psychologist and co-founder of Smarter@Work.  My work is focused on helping individuals maximize their career growth and success. 

My professional background includes roles as both an employee and entrepreneur. As an employee, I've held leadership positions with organizations that include SAP and KPMG. As an entrepreneur, I lead a management consulting firm for over ten years.

I've also supplemented my professional experience with several academic credentials including a Doctor of Education (EdD) from Drexel University.  

The world of work is evolving as forces such as globalization, multigenerational workplaces, artificial intelligence, longer life spans and more are converging to reshape the way we think about and perform our work.

Of these emerging forces the one that has the greatest potential impact on our quality of life - particularly as it pertains to work is our increasing life spans. 

Living longer gives us more time to devote to things that we’re passionate about and the freedom to choose whatever that is raises the overall quality of our lives. Numerous research studies have shown that freedom is a key driver of happiness and fulfillment - particularly as it relates to our work. 

Freedom is a highly desired human state - but most of us have willfully traded it for the security of a career that we had little to no passion for.

Enter the concept of the encore career - a freedom based approach to later-life professional growth. The encore career is freedom driven as you have full control to design the work you want to do, such as choosing - what to work on, who to work with, where to work and more.

Simply put, the encore career is your opportunity to do the work you’re most passionate about. The core concept that powers a fulfilling encore career is passion

However, the problem is most senior professionals don't know how to use passion to create the career they want. 

Smarter@Work solves that problem by teaching senior professionals how to become Smart Workers so they leverage their passion to build a thriving encore career.

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