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 transforms mid-life professionals (workers age 50+) into online entrepreneurs so that they thrive in the second half of life. 
The aim of Smarter@Work is to disrupt how mid-life professionals think of retirement by encouraging them to adopt a work forever mindset. 

Work Forever is a bold alternative to the traditional concept of retirement that most workers are pursuing.

As the name suggests - Work Forever is the idea that professionals age 50+continue to work until they are -
1. No longer physically, psychologically or emotionally unable or
2. Have earned enough money to support themselves for the remainder of their lives. 

Working Forever frees you from the burden of retirement planning and the stress of worrying about not having enough money when you stop working - because you never stop working.

Mantel Featherson

I'm the lead educator and co-founder of Smarter@Work. My professional background includes roles as both an employee and entrepreneur. As an employee, I've held leadership positions with organizations that include SAP and KPMG. As an entrepreneur, I lead a management consulting firm for over ten years.

I've also supplemented my professional experience with several academic credentials including a Doctorate (EdD) in HR Development from Drexel University.

While I'm proud of those accomplishments the best decision I've made recently was to leave my 9-5 to pursue my passion through online entrepreneurship which will enable me to work forever. 

The Smarter@Work team developed the concept of Work Forever because we believe that our society is overly focused on an outdated concept known as retirement.

Retirement and the  planning that goes into it has become an outdated concept for three key reasons - 

1. Longevity - The concept of retirement was initially conceived in Europe in the 1880s, however, it was formalized in the US  in the 1920s when the life expectancy of the average worker was around 60 years old. Since then, average life expectancy has increased to 79 years old in the US in 2020. The increase in longevity means that most professionals must be able to fund a retirement that may last much longer (possibly as long as 30 - 40 years). Very few people are to save that much money. 

2. Expense -  In order to maintain the standard living that you've become accustomed to from working 30+ years you'll need save at least one million dollars, according to most financial experts.  Unless you start very early (in your 20s) and save aggressively, amassing the the sum you'll need to retire comfortably is very tough for most people to do. This task becomes much harder if you have children as they have significant expenses of their own (i.e., college). 

3. Quality - Life quality often declines for retirees that opt to do nothing or significantly slow down their daily routine. The new and much slower life of many retirees negatively impact physical and mental health - which could lead to higher rates of mortality. 

These reasons combined with constant pronouncements from members of the financial services industry that you must save for retirement or you'll end up destitute, homeless and ultimately die alone are the main reasons why you should consider a different path. 

Our suggestion is that you actively plan to Work Forever. 

Contrary to what you might believe working forever isn't about extending time at your current job until your last days, or finding a job with a company that is friendly to older workers, or holding down multiple jobs to maintain your lifestyle.   

The key idea of Work Forever is to create a venture that revolves around your passion(s).  As workers enter their 50s many find themselves at a crossroads in their careers. 

That’s because many of us are struggling to figure out how to make our work more fulfilling while still maintaining the financial and psychological security that we’ve established over many years of hard work. As seasoned professionals, we possess a great deal of knowledge and experience but the question we should ask ourselves is -

How do I use my experience and expertise in a more meaningful way in the second half of my life?

The best answer for most is to pursue entrepreneurship and create something that fuels a passion. 

As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to create a business that provides with you meaning and money from such ventures as -   

  • A charitable/non-profit venture that helps those that have been traditionally disadvantaged groups
  • Becoming a world traveler with an online business that funds your adventures
  • Create a lucrative personal brand as a coach or consultant
  • Build a family business that creates the foundation for a legacy

The options are endless in entrepreneurship - and we want to help you build a venture that will enable you to work forever and thrive in your second half life!

We'll do that by teaching you to become a Forever Worker - so that you learn how to leverage your passion to build a business.

Every two weeks we publish the  Forever Worker Newsletter -  a bi-weekly e-mail digest that provides articles, tips and tricks to help you develop the mindset and skills to build a successful online business that enables you to work forever and thrive in the 2nd half of life.

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