Smarter@Work was founded on the belief that too many professionals in their 50s and beyond are underutilized, underpaid and unfulfilled at work.

Your 50s and beyond should be a time when you’re creating compelling and meaningful experiences through your work and relationships. 

However, too many of us at 50+ are unable to do that because we’re either burdened with meaningless work or forced to contend with ageism, sexism, and racism in a growing number of our workplaces.

My goal is to change that – I created Smarter@Work to enable midlife professionals to work and live better. 

Smarter@Work does that by teaching the 50+ how to start and scale digital businesses that enable them to create financial freedom, forgo retirement and thrive in their 2nd half of life. 

In addition to creating Smarter@Work - I'm also a professional in my 50s - so I know the unique challenges that we must overcome as we become older workers.  

My professional background includes corporate roles with KPMG and SAP. I also co-founded Marckis Partners - an enterprise transformation consultancy.

I recently earned a Doctorate (EdD) in HR Development from Drexel University and I’m an Advisor to George Washington University’s business programs. 

If you're a midlife professional with a desire to thrive in your 2nd half of life  - I encourage you to read our Insights and subscribe to our newsletter - The Midlife Mentor - a bi-weekly email digest that helps the 50+ work and live better.