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he Smart Worker is our concept of a high performing worker. It's a professional that has adopted a methodology that we call Adaptive Genius - it's a three part process that aligns the essential elements of career success (passion, performance & profit) so that professionals create natural momentum towards achieving their most desired career goals. 

In order to help workers adopt the concept of Adaptive Genius we created a tool called the Adaptive Genius Framework (below). It’s designed to help workers align their Passion (work they love), Performance (how they work) and Profit (what they work for) so they become Smart Workers and thrive in ever-evolving global economies.

Adaptive Genius Framework

The Adaptive Genius Framework is a self-directed career development tool. It features the three steps detailed below along with key questions for each that are meant to inspire reflection and action.    

Step 1. Pursue your Passion - This is the act of identifying and nurturing the work you love. The self-reflective questions to help workers uncover their passion include -  
- Why do I want it?
- What must I do to get it? Am I willing able to do it?
- Does it help others? 

Step 2. Focus your Performance - This is how you do the work that enables you to bring your passion to life. The self-reflective questions to help workers optimize their performance include -
- What immediate actions are needed?
- What do I know?
- What do I need to learn?

Step 3. Define your Profit -  This is the act of pinpointing what you are working for. The self-reflective questions to help workers define what success looks like for them includes - 
- What are my values?
- What does success look like?
- How does my success serve others?

In order to help professionals understand and adopt the requirements for becoming a Smart Worker - Smarter@Work has created the Smart Worker Community - a network of professionals practicing Adaptive Genius - so that they're prepared to thrive in ever-evolving global economies. 

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