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The Smart Worker is a professional that uses the concept of SMARTFLOW to enhance their effectiveness at work.   

The Smart Worker is a persona created to reflect the unique approach that professionals adopt to be more effective and successful in their careers. It's an approach that originated from the natural relationship between human states of - passion, performance and profit.  

Smarter@Work researchers studied the influence of passion, performance and profit on human effectiveness with a particular focus on how the career success of senior professionals (workers age 50+) is influenced. The findings lead to the formation of a methodology called - SMARTFLOW.  

SMARTFLOW (graphic below) is a cognitive and behavioral framework that aligns a worker's passion, performance and profit so that they build a more effective and successful career. 

Framework for Enhanced Human Effectiveness at Work

SAMRTFLOW is a self-directed process where professionals work through each of the three steps (described below) by considering and answering each set of key questions which are designed to inspire reflection and action.    

Step 1. Enter Passion state - This is the act of identifying and nurturing the work you love. The self-reflective questions to help workers uncover their passion include -  
- What do I want? 
- Why do I want it?
- What must I do to get it? Am I willing and able to do it?
- Does it help others? 

Step 2. Enter Performance  state This is how you do the work that enables you to bring your passion to life. The self-reflective questions to help workers optimize their performance include -
- What immediate actions are needed?
- What are the systems, strategies and tools needed? 
- What do I know?
- What do I need to learn?

Step 3. Enter Profit state  This is the act of pinpointing what you are working for. This statement us meant to help senior professionals think beyond monetary value and include personal values that enhance overall quality of life. The self-reflective questions to help workers define what success looks like for them includes - 
- What are my values?
- What does success look like?
- How can I use my success to serve others?


In order to help senior professionals accelerate the process of SMARTFLOW - we are creating a members only virtual community called the Smart Worker Academy

The academy will be a space for senior professionals to connect, collaborate and develop the mindset and skills that enable them to build fulfilling 2nd act careers. The Smart Worker Academy will offer all members -   


Like minded, highly motivated senior professionals that are pursuing the goal of building a fulfilling 2nd act career


Accountability partners and groups to help you stay focused and motivated on achieving your goals 


Courses, webinars and more focused on topics that enable you to develop the mindset and skills to transform their career 

The Academy is currently in development and will be launched soon. In the meantime, we are accepting and reviewing applications for new members.

If you're ready to become a Smart Worker and desire the maximize your effectiveness at work through the SMARTFLOW methodology - we encourage you to submit your application by clicking the button below.

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