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Wall Mounted Dry Erase Whiteboard



Struggling to keep your home business organized? Having trouble remembering all the things you need to get done? We know the feeling. You need a place to map your plans. A place to hang your memos and track your progress. With a new 24" x 36" Offex Mounted Whiteboard you'll be able to keep ahead of your busy schedule because you can turn your schedule into the writing on the wall. The 24" x 36" Offex Mounted Whiteboard is big enough to map out your entire new product launch or track your weekly appointments. It's small enough to fit comfortably on your office wall without overtaking your space. Give your team a better view of your marketing strategy by mapping it out on your new whiteboard. Give yourself the peace of mind of not losing track of your plans or losing your calendar data in the cloud or buried in mind mapping software. When you get a 24" x 36" Offex Mounted Whiteboard you'll get a better vision for the future of your business.


  • Built for brainstorming teaching or organizing ideas and information.
  • a Luxor magnetic dry erase board doubles the writing space and delivers the durable mobility needed for dynamic workspaces.
  • Look no further for a high-quality affordable mobile marker board.


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Type: Home and Office Essentials