Personal Space Heater



With this personal heater you get the best of everything. You get the warmth you crave and deserve while keeping everyone else happy. This is a small space heater to fit into small spaces - to remain inconspicuous - but has a modern black and white contrast for display. Stop rubbing your hands together. You need a mini office heater to keep you warm. Using low wattage it warms the immediate area without pulling a lot of energy. You stay toasty and those around you get the temperature they want. It's a win/win! Where to use this mini heater: At a cubicle - keep your fingers warm while typing in cold places. Under a desk - let your toes feel the warmth so you can work. In the bathroom - use it before and after a shower to stay cozy. In your trailer - winterize your travel trailer and prevent mold in your RV. When to use a mini heater: When a large space heater will blow the fuse When the office maintenance won't keep the place warm When you don't want to fight over the thermostat When you want to save on energy costs When you want to heat a small area - you need a compact heater for that!


COMPACT DESIGN: This small space heater is perfect for office cubicles small bathrooms desktops and more. At 4.4 x 4.0 x 5.4 inches in size this desk heater is easy to transport from home to the office.

MODERN LOOK: This mini heater has a sleek white cover; the fresh clean design is suitable for the home or office; use with chic or vintage decor without ruining the room design.

TIP-OVER PROTECTION: Stay warm but safe with our safe heater protection feature; a safety button on the bottom turns off the personal heater when it's tipped over picked up or not on a level surface.

GOOD HEAT EVERYWHERE: A little heater with a lot of warmth; this heats any small space well; use it in the bathroom small kitchen on your desktop and at a cubicle to keep your hands and toes cozy.

LOW ENERGY USE: With this low wattage heater you can freely warm-up without fear of blowing any fuses. It will warm the immediate vicinity only so that you can stay warm and toasty while saving on energy costs.


30 Day Warranty





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