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Reclining Office Chair - High Back Executive Computer Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Angle Recline Locking System and Footrest, Thick Padding for Comfort



Here's How You Can Work Comfortably In Your Office Or At Home.


Are you spending many hours sitting in an uncomfortable gaming desk chair?


Are you having difficulty finding a high office chair fit for you?


Presenting The #1 Wide Reclining Office Chair By Qwork!


Still settling for a desk chair recliner that's unstable, unsafe, and uncomfortable? Unacceptable!


With the Qwork office recliner chair with footrest you are going to leave those days behind. Pamper yourself with a lay down office chair, kick back, and relax.


Top 3 Reasons Why Students, Businessmen, and Gamers Choose Our Ergonomic Desk Chair:


GIVE YOUR BACK A REST: Sedentary life can cause an unbearable discomfort when using the wrong racing chair. Nearly all office chairs recline but none of them can give you the lumbar support that the Qwork ergonomic desk chair with footrest has to offer.


TAKE A NAP ON THE SPOT: If you ever dreamed of having a napping office chair we have got a surprise for you. The Qwork ergonomic recliner is ideal for that 20 min. power nap to boost your energy. (We do not promote sleeping at your desk!)


STEP UP YOUR STYLE GAME: A stylish, new age office cannot be equipped with a simple, mediocre fabric gaming chair! What you need is a black leather and luxurious gaming chair! Upgrade your professional space!


Need More Reasons?


Double Padded Seat


Built-In Liner Spring


Good Armrest Length


Thick Padded Headrest


Heavy Duty Metal Base


What Are You Waiting For?




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